Sunday, 15 July 2012


I really can't make my mind up....Is my leg getting better, or am I simply adapting my style to compensate (or even just getting used to running through the discomfort)?

Whatever it is yesterdys nine miles and todays thirteen were not too bad. Dare to hope?
Of course it could be due to the out of date pain killers/muscle relaxants that I found at the back of a drawer!! They dehydrate you a bit though. Woke up this morning with a mouth like a tramp's pocket.

Whatever. Next weekends Musselburgh 10k is off for me. Bummer.

Looking to the future... the Jedburgh 38 mile race in October looks "interesting". I downloaded a GPS file of the route and plotted it onto a 1:25000 map. Might give it a go.
If the leg is better by the time I've been my holidays I will get my entry away.

This weekend has been dominated, musically, by the combined genius of Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter. Six albums from the "Vee Jay" label recorded between 59 and 61 then packaged as a "complete recordings..." type box set. Wonderful, magical stuff. Really good quality recordings from the master tapes and loads of alternative takes that didn't make it to the original albums.
Don't get me wrong - I REALLY do like Morgans "Sidewinder". But listening to his earlier stuff  - before the commercial hit- he's up there with ANY of the big names in jazz trumpet.  Shame really that his wife shot him dead when he was only 33 (sure she had her reasons).

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