Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Not long back from York.
Really good long weekend. Weather was surprisingly good. However, the torrential rain they had before we got there meant that one of our runs that goes along by the river had to be rerouted on Sunday - we'd forgotten to pack our flippers.
Only did a couple of short(ish) runs while we were away but probably still enough just to keep "ticking over".
But now that I'm back (and still off work) I'm going to try and increase the mileage a bit. Undo some of the damage from all the cake I ate when I was away - tried a couple of really nice coffee shops when we were there - thought we'd try and keep away from the usual haunts.

On Sunday we probably could have chosen our eating establishment a bit more carefully - an Italian restaurant.... at about 8pm on Sunday night.
Food was fantastic and the service was very quick. Though I suspect the speed of the service was due to the fact that the waitress and cooking staff wanted to get things out of the way so they could keep nipping round the back to watch the football on the telly.

This mornings run was an early affair - went out from the B&B about 6am and did a bit of a "town run". Early morning and late at night is probably the only times you can get out for a run in a place like York and find the street relatively quiet.
Absolutely beautiful summers morning with clear blue skys. We went past a renovated wind mill at Holgate. Anne's brother had told us about the day before and Anne wanted our route to go past it it. It does look amazing and is exactly as you would imagine a windmill to look - it's straight our of Camberwick Green.
As we slowly went round looking up at the sails a fairly low, red, hot air balloon sailed over. Why, oh why don't I ever take a camera running?

It would have mad a great picture. However, so as not to disappoint, I have recreated the scene here...enjoy.

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Yak Hunter said...

Fabulous. Put together an exhibition and we'll come!