Thursday, 28 June 2012


Quite strange when we were down in York...I went into Rebound Records twice - and only came away with one CD. Alan Barnes "Here Comes Trouble". A quartet offering from the great man from 1996, that sees him on alto and baritone sax - and includes a wonderful version of the standard "Never Let Me Go" that is just over 13 minutes long (and none of them are wasted).
I can usually part with a wadge of cash when I'm in there. Sadly though, I think the recession is forcing him to put his prices up a bit....sad. Unless it is REALLY rare, or something I've been looking for for a while I kind of draw the line at £10 for a secondhand disc. Its the sort of shop you really WANT to support though. The guys so friendly and helpful. Bryan Spring is on drums on the disc I got and the chap was telling me about hearing him with Stan Tracey a few years ago.
Its also probably got something to do with my new found willingness to go for downloads that made me reluctant to spend much. Which in a way is a shame - half thefun of shops like that is the actual shopping experiance.
Got some vouchers recently, and I've downloaded quite a few from Amazon  This week. Greatest find so far? It has to be from the new Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra's offering - their rendition of The Flintstone's Theme tune. Magic.
Luckily (????) the weather has been shit this week since we got home, so at least I'm getting some quality "listening"  time.

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