Sunday, 3 June 2012


I am not getting into the Jubilee. Neither am I celebrating it.
I am however a bit of a hypocrite and therefore perfectly happy to accept the extra day away from work, and like the majority of the folk in the country happy enough at the extra-long weekend.
It (the "jubilee") has thrown up the odd moment of unexpected happiness as well.
We were in Perth on Friday - shopping. At one point Anne was in a shop trying something or other on, and I decided to stand outside.
As I stood there I could hear, above me, a distinctive mechanical thrumming from an engine. I looked up into the narrow strip of bright blue sky between the tall buildings either side of me ... just in time to see a Spitfire flyng low overhead!!
By the time I'd blurted out "Feck me! Look!!" to any passers by who cared to listen, they must have wondered what I was on about and what I was pointing at.
Don't know if it was heading for Scone Airport but I assume it was in the area for some celebratory event this weekend.
And "yes" it was a Spitfire - not a hurricane. It had the distinctive wing shape.
A fantastic sight!

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