Thursday, 21 June 2012



Oh lordy what to do?

I’ve had a bit of an ongoing, and indeed “developing”, niggle with my left hamstring and glute and it’s getting worse.

To be precise the hamstring is as tight as a drum at times and I just can’t get the “stride” that I want (or need) when I’m running. As for the glute? Well to be quite honest I’m getting an awful pain in the @rse when I sit for any longer than about ten minutes.

I’ve been developing this pain for a while now and at first put it down to a lack of “cushioning” in the posterior – it feels as though I’m sitting directly on the pelvic bone – feckin’ sore! So I think it’s where the glute “joins” and attaches to the pelvis. Done a bit of research and it might be the Piriformis muscle. Certainly all the symptoms are there.

I’m ok walking (in fact its better when I’m up and moving around, and I’m ok when lying down. But sitting? Painful.

I’m pretty certain that the whole glute/hamstring muscle group are connected and one must be affecting the other. Running at about 7min pace is hunky-dory but as soon as I try to up the pace …well I can’t …or it hurts – certainly hurts more than it should.

Got the Portobello 4 mile race tonight and I want to do it. So I think some pain killers before and loads and loads of stretches might see me through. After that?

Well I’m off work for a week so a few long slow runs are in order and then see how I get on from there.

I think I might go to see a sports physio’ as well for a bit advise. I also need to get my gate analysis done ASAP.

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