Thursday, 7 June 2012


Something was wrong on today’s run up by the Water Of Leith.
Either: “a” my Garmin was broken and the miles simply were not “beeping” by fast enough….or “b” I felt like “sheeeite” and just didn’t have the energy in the tank or the legs.
In hindsight…it was “b”. A truly awful run, but for once I know why. I’ve been doing too much and eating too little. Probably more of the later.
Did quite a bit over the long holiday weekend, then did two runs on Tuesday and two runs yesterday, while yesterdays calorie intake amounted to little more than a couple of weetabix, a cheese roll, a cheese sandwich and a bag of crisps. Not exactly a “balanced diet”.
So, it’s little wonder that today’s run was crap – I was running on empty! Training is all good and well (obviously), but I need to take a bit more notice of rest and refuelling.
Not going to go to the club’s interval session tonight. I shall instead spend the time making some risotto. Really got into making that these last few weeks. I like spending time slowly adding a wee bit here and there and taking time stirring it – it’s quite cathartic.

You know you own too much music when…..
I was rooting around in a drawer yesterday and found a “wadge” of CDs I forgot I had!! Maybe about 12? I haven’t ripped them to CD yet and haven’t put them onto my Brennan yet. I think they may be about a year old. God knows what I was thinking when I put them there.
Among them is one by Liam Noble and Stan Sulzmann. I can’t believe I’ve not listened to it!
Another that I came across is a wee gem – the Lionel Hampton Quintet. A Verve album from about 1954; and this beauty swings with a capital SWING! Buddy DeFranco on clarinet is on fire on a  17 minute version of the classic “Flying Home”. DeFranco was one of the few clarinet players to survive the transition from swing to Bebop, but this is him firmly in swing mode. Joyous, toe-tapping, foot-stomping, smiley-faced stuff!! Can’t believe I’ve left it hidden for so long. A wonderful cover as well by the artist David Stone Martin who did so many of the early Verve albums.
Music to cook by!

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Thank you.

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