Wednesday, 13 June 2012


For somebody who doesn't like running up and over hills, they seem to be featuring as a sort of "theme" to this weeks training..
Last night's club run was a merry jaunt up through Spott, towards Burnhead and Halls. Followed by a climb up over and round Watch Law.

Apparently there is a relatively well defined path on the way down. But me and Mr Sills threw convention to the wind and opted for the more "scenic" descent through tussocky grass and well camouflaged rabbit holes.
A slightly longer club run than usual, but good fun - and also one of the best evenings weather we've had for a while.

And today? Well, a wee climb up and around the wind farm was the order of the day. Strange today though. A run that usually supplies complete solitude was today altered by about six transit vans scooting around. All with their windows rolled down and all playing different variations of "Radio-Feck-Wit" at full volume.
I don't know if it's preventative maintenance, or what, but they appear to be painting most of the electricity pylons in our part of the Lammermuirs. I think, and hope, it's just an undercoat but it's strange to see these giant structures painted yellow.
It's been a long week this week already (58 miles since Saturday).

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