Tuesday, 5 June 2012


We popped down to Berwick yesterday for a bit of a "morning out". We had to do our fortnightly supermarket shop anyway, so we thought we might as well go down there to do it - have a wee walk around the walls while we were at it.
It was a very nice day for it. In fact this [extra] long weekend has been pretty good weather wise.
The good weather had certainly brought the crowds out - but as appears to be the way these days the crowds appeared to stick to the shops rather than travel any distance. So the walk around by the town walls was peaceful.

Found a new ("new" to us) art gallery. Couple of nice things in it. Though I felt that some of the works looked as though the artist was trying too hard to give his work "meaning".
I regretted not having my MP3 player with me - I quite like a bit modern jazz when looking at modern art.

Still. All good things come to an end. Work tomorrow. But first up there is the excitement of the running clubs AGM to look forward to.
"Art"... I'm getting a John Coltrane sort of vibe.

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