Friday, 22 June 2012


Did the Portobello 4 mile race last night. Enjoyed it - as usual.
Sad to see the numbers down on previous years, but that was due to the weather. The sky was leaden and there was a pretty stiff breeze coming in off the sea.
It certainly did NOT look like the longest day..... the day of the year when we are supposed to get most light. Light was pretty much in short supply yesterday.
Anyway. There was a good turnout from Dunbar. Due inpart to the fact that this is a popular race anyway, in part to it being a club championship "counter", but mainly due to the fact that we were off for a curry afterwards.

I was nervous about this run. Afraid of how my leg would cope. But as the race started I just tried to pxut it to the back of my mind. Found myself running beside Ian Sills for most of the run. The first part wasn't too bad, it was really when you got onto the prom at about the 2mile mark that the wind started to hit you. l've run that route loads of times when I'm working in Leith, but yesterday that one mile along the prom, from 2 to 3 just went on and on and on.

Glad to turn back for the last mile, and I felt pretty good and was more or less keeping pace. But in the last half mile Ian just started to crank it up a bit and my left leg just wouldn't play along.

Still at 23:11 I shouldn't be too upset.

Club came away with quite a few prizes. And I was chuffed to be third counter in the team prize.

Anyway. After yesterdays shitty weather, today we got...? MORE shitty weather!!!
But that's me off work for a week and I refuse to let it get to me. So this Friday's coffee and cake was accompanied by Mr John Coltrane's 1963 spititual like "After The Rain". Recorded shortly before "A Love Supreme" but with signs of the same quest for inner peace...classic!

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