Sunday, 27 May 2012


This "Spring Clean" madness has gone far enough.
Not content with simply tidying up CDs and stuff I've moved on to the outside of the house. To whit...painting external woodwork. And all on what must surely be the hottest weekend of the year!
It said on the tin of paint that in bright sunlight "dilute the first coat with 25% water". I didn't need to - by the time I'd done about half a window frame the sweat that was trickling down my arm and into the pot had diluted the stuff enough!

Still make time for a couple of runs though. Yesterday was just a 7.5 mile bimble on my own. Then this morning saw me meeting up with Ian and Andy for a 16 mile route that "meandered" through the Lammermuirs - over by Crichness, through the wind farms, through a couple of fields towards Aikengall then back.
VERY, VERY hot and tough going.
Just about ran over a little adder at one point. By the time I'd got Ian and Andy's attention the slithery little sod had slid into the side of the road.

Hope everyone who was doing the Edinburgh Mara' got on OK today. There was a little bit of coastal fog/mist this morning. With a bit of luck that held out for a wee bit and kept the temperatures down.
It isn't a lot of fun when you train all winter for a race - just to get scorching conditions on race day.

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