Sunday, 13 May 2012


USE 1 - Running.

Loch Leven Half yesterday. A run I have been "looking forward to" for a wee while, and one that I haven't done for a few years.
The journey up there was uneventful and we were there in plenty time to get our numbers and chips, chat to other runners and then make our way through Kinross High Street to the start line just on the outskirts of some industrial estate.
A bit hanging about, an apology for a slight delay, a bit of banter from the boy on the microphone and then we were off.
A bit like my last couple of to a pretty quick pace, and I spent the first couple of miles in a small group that included Ian S. The first two and a half miles is fairly flat and straight and we could see the eight or so runners ahead of our group slowly draw away.
Once we turned and got to the foot of a long gentle climb I found myself pulling away from the group, and soon found myself in "no mans land".
I hadn't planned on taking water at the first drinks station (at 5 miles), but the heat changed my mind. CUPS !! I hate trying to grab a drink from a cup on the run. Ended up with just a spit of water in the bottom of the cup - ah well.
Once past this hill its down for a bit before the turn into Scotlandwell and a few other small villages.
The climb between Scotlandwell and Kinnesswood is a bit more "taxing" and it was here that I first noticed the runner ahead of me (in a yellow Kinross vest) was dropping back a bit. A target for me to try and reel in.
It still took me a hell of a long time to reach him though but I did catch him at about 10 miles.
The route has changed this year and the last couple of miles take you onto a cycle path that brings you back into Kinross.
Once I'd passed the Kinross runner I noticed a Portobello runner ahead (Gareth Green) and I decided to try to catch him. I did catch up with him at about 12 miles and we jostled for position for a little while. However, Mr Green had a much better finish and left me just before the 13 mile mark.
Got in at 1:20:03 knackered but happy with my run. I'd managed enough to be second vet over the line. However, as the first vet over the line was Grant Wilkie in 2nd place overall the "first vet" prize dropped down the rankings to me (I'm not proud - especially when cash prizes are involved)!!
The new venue for the race - some Community Campus - was very nice indeed with superb showering and changing facilities.
Really enjoyed the race, but I'm now looking forward to a couple of weekends with nowt on. Going to try and have a bit of a "quiet" week this week then get back into the LSD runs next weekend.
Toying with the idea of the Balerno Rigg race at the end of May.

USE 2 - Euthanasia.

Got up the morning and padded downstairs to make the breakfast. Went into the "utility room" (back lobby), and there beside our plastic crate that we put our recyclables in was a wee mouse going through it'sdeath throes .
It had obviously been feasting on the poison I put out for mice and had made it this far before it "kicked in". Now. I don't like mice (not in the house anyway), but I don't like to see things suffer.
Tried battering it with a broom - still twitching away. So a good solid "blattering" with the heel of a Brooks Adrenaline did the trick.

I've been reading a lot of crime fiction lately and stuff about crime scene investigations - they always go on about blood "spatter analysis". Never really pictured what they meant until this morning!!

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