Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Went down to the club last night looking to do between 8 and 10 miles max...
So... 12 miles later we got back to Hallhill after a route that took us through John Muir, over the railway at the bridge near Knowes, up towards Biel, along by "wounded knee" to Pitcox then back via Eweford.
A nice night for it to be honest and the pace wasn't too bad.
But the legs were tired and empty today so it was a reduced run at lunchtime. Still going to end the week with a mileage in the high 50's though.
Should cut back a bit for a wee while.

Anne asked me the other day, then Ian asked me last night, if the fields of rapeseed had bothered me during the race at the weekend. I didn't even notice them to be honest.
Unlike today.... there's a couple of fields of the stuff very close to the house and I could taste it - never mind smell it- in the air, as soon as I stepped out the door today.
Not much fun running along with a streaming nose (antihistamines beckon I think).
I'd went off road today. Both to give my legs a wee rest and to try and keep the pace down. What I hadn't banked on was falling in mud! Then forgetting about the mud and wiping my runny, hay fever nose with my hand. Got back and my face was all snot and dirt. Probably explains the strange look I got from our postie.

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