Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Work is getting me down at the moment - more so than usual that is. And it's not just me, my co-working "contractor" colleagues are all feeling it.
Working on the "outside looking in", as it were, of the Scottish Civil Service is a depressing enough occupation (they call themselves "The Scottish Government" but I refuse to pander to their stupid whims - Government is legislative what they achieve can barely be called "admin").
Working "for" them rather than "with" them probably stands you in good stead for a hobby in campanology .... you spend your working day surrounded by bell ends!

Anyhoo. Life goes on (and on and on and on...). As does the running!
Went out to Balerno on Monday for the Rigg Race - a six mile "dash" that more or less goes up for two miles, along for two then (yes you guessed it) down for two!
It's been six years since I last did this race and I was looking forward to it. It forms part of the Balerno Kids Gala or some such and as well as seasoned club runners you get quite a few locals joining in.

Started off very fast (as per..) and kind of knew that if I was going to make time on anybody it would have to be in the climb. So eyes down and dig in...
You always seem to get a couple of young lads who absolutely bomb out of the park and up the hill - only to end up spent and knackered half way up. Problem is they sort of pull everyone else at the front into that sort of pace, so it was a bit jumbled for the first mile.
However, by the time we got to the top I realised I was in second place with only an HBT runner ahead, with the lead out car in front of him - slowly getting further and further away.
On the "mid section" of the race there are some horrible long straight sections. I hate to see too far ahead of me to the next runner and also know that the runner behind obviously has me in his sights.
I was "using" spectators to try and judge the gap between me and the guy behind. I'd listen to their claps then try to judge the time before they started clapping the next guy.
I thought I had a fair we gap. Going along the top it was:
clap .....................................................clap

However, on the downhill sections I knew I would be "weaker" (almost everyone comes down hills better then me).
By mile five we were down to
and by the time we got into Balerno it was
So, by the time we got back to the entrance to the park and an old boy walking his dog came out with "keep going lads" I knew he must be right on my shoulder.
Dug in for all I was worth and manged to keep him off, just.
The HBT runner was Bill Townsend who came in a good minute and a bit before us. I got over in 34:28 and Euan McIntosh of Armadale came home three seconds behind.

Because it was a "school night" we didn't hang around for the prize giving so I don't know what I've won (if anything). Got home and we were having our "tea" when the phone went at quarter to ten. A bloke from the organisers. Ooh I thought, he's going to tell me what I've got. But "no" it was Mrs Hay he wanted tell her that she was first in her category!!

Legs feel really "bashed up" after the race though so a gentle run was on the cards last night at the club. And I won't be going to hard today either.

Last night there was a "reflexologist" at the club, dishing out free consultations and foot rubbing to those that are into that sort of "thang". As I'm a pretty carefree, chilled out sort anyway I declined.

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