Friday, 4 May 2012


Didn’t take part in the interval training last night. Well.. what I mean is I didn’t run, I stood with the watch. Along with Frank. While the rest of them went off for a “5k pace judgement” run. It’s interesting to see that almost everyone, when having to run without a stopwatch or a GPS, ends up running quite a bit faster than they think they are going.

Perhaps I should have run last night, because if there’s one aspect of my running that is definitely crap it’s my pacing! Anyhoo – I’d been out for a 7 mile trot already so I didn’t want to overdo things.

Look forward to every weekend, but this weekend is a bank holiday one so its three, rather than two, days away from the “arsehole factory” that is the Civil Service. Planning to do Edinburgh to North Berwick tomorrow and then a couple of LSD runs on Sunday and Monday (hope the bliddy weather heats up a bit).

My general health is giving me cause for concern just now. I’ve got an appointment for two (“maybe three”) fillings at the dentist on Wednesday. Three of my back teeth in the lower right side. But. Since that appointment was made I’ve only gone and broken a tooth on the lower left now!! That’s one trip to the dentist I’m definitely not looking forward to.
Then today in Waterstone’s I was standing “reading” the dust jacket on a book (one I have already, but yet to read, as it happens). When a complete stranger felt the need to comment “you need longer arms”! Yes. Fair point, perhaps it is time I got my eyes tested again – there are two “positions” that I am comfortable reading. With the glasses on and the book held as far away from me as it will go, or, with the glasses off and the tip of my nose brushing the page!

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