Wednesday, 23 May 2012

High Wood

Oh lordy, lordy - it's bloody hot.
Thought I'd try out my recently (re)discovered woodland run today. Never realised, when we were out looking at it just how hilly it is.
Ended up doing four laps. Each lap is about 1.4 miles and its more or less 0.7 climb and 0.7 descent, so I dare say if you take it hard up hill and then "recover" on the descent it could make for a fairly good hill rep session.
I took the short way there, then came back via the road that follows the pylons up to the wind farms, then back down the hill via Weatherly.
It was a good excuse to wear the trail shoes today. My legs have been very "heavy" lately so getting a chance to run in these on softer ground might help them a bit.
VERY in depth discussion last night after the club run about "barefoot" running and "minimalist" shoes. Apparently it's the new thing - Billy Minto could be quids in if he put his mind to it.

Anyway. All in all about 8.8 miles. More than enough on a day like this.

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