Thursday, 10 May 2012


Bliddy awful stint at the dentist yesterday - four filings in one sitting.
The pain was excruciating - I wouldn't even wish that on Alex Salmond*
It wasn't the drilling and poking and scraping and pulling that gave me pain. Oh lord no. But he had his radio tuned into Radio 2 all the time - one hour of being forced to listen to Steve Wright - Jesus the deafening sound of the drill came as a blessed relief.

Anyway. Because I had my dental appointment I was working when I normally go for my run on a Wednesday. So I ended up going for my run really early - "stupid o'clock". It was really nice - though I'm not sure that a six mile run twenty minutes after a bowl of Weetabix is ideal training. The sun was out, and so were the woodland critters! Saw hares, rabbits, deer and a fox. Just the right time of day I suppose. Really peaceful and relaxing.
So relaxing in fact that I clocked my HRM at one point and saw that I was ticking over at 67 BPM !! That must be wrong surely! My heart rate is usually above that just when I'm sitting reading the paper.
It was wrong - a new battery in the strap and today I'm back up there at a "steady" 150 - that's more like it.

The "arsehole factory" - producing top quality arseholes since 1996

My HRM isn't the only thing that isn't "working". Strike today in the "arsehole factory"..... apparently those ungrateful sods "the public" are simply so stupid they don't realise that they should be willingly handing over more tax to shore up the pensions of these remarkable people.
Are civil servants detached from reality? Where else would you get to strike, picket on your employers property (well it is raining), come in to use the loo and get to come in and pop along to the (heavily subsidised) Costa coffee franchise??? Don't even have the brains to take their "official picket" bibs off!

* "Yes" - I would!!

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