Sunday, 20 May 2012


Over the moon to wake up to good weather today. May really has been pants (so far at least).
Did a nice steady 13 mile run this morning. Sunny, but not too warm, little wind and - most importantly - dry!
Quite enjoyed it. I had thought about going further. But then again - I've nothing major lined up in the near future, so why not have a week or two of "quiet" weekends?

Yesterday after we did the usual weekend shop I went for about 9 miles up by the windfarms.
Then came home and tried to ignore the telly. There were, I am led to believe, a couple of "soccer" games on, but the boffins at Cern with their Large Hadron Collider would be hard pressed to find my tint spark of interest in those.
I am also trying, but failing miserably, to get excited by what appears to be an endless procession of white-shell-suited joggers bimbling along with a burning cheese grater.
I really am looking forward to the Olympics* - but all the build up and brouhaha? No it ain't doing it for me.
 Went for a bit of a walk this afternoon. Up by the woods close by to our bit. It's been a good few years since I've been there, and for the life of me I don't know why.
It's fantastic. As I walked round I immediately got into "recce mode" for a wee run. I think I've found what might only be a one and a bit mile circuit through the woods. But what a nice circuit - and all "off road". I really only stuck to the very well defined paths and roads, but there appears to be quite a few bits where you could deviate off and maybe add a couple of bits on.
I reckon that if we take into account the short run there and then back, if we were to do four of five circuits it would make a good short training run.

Shame there isn't any parking nearby. It would make a great wee cross country route.

My mood was improved during my wee walk by listening to a new acquisition - Arild Andersen "Green Shading Into Blue" Bass, drum, piano and reeds. Possibly one of the "lightest" Andersen recordings I've listened to, Juhani Aaltonen on soprano, tenor Saxophone or flute has a real "folk" quality to his sound. Very reminiscent (to my mind) of some of John Surman's stuff. A nice accompaniment to a walk on a sunny day!

* Well, OK not all the Olympics, but at least the athletics, the cycling and the beach volleyball.


pb said...

Can't believe you live right beside a beautiful wood with trails and don't run there all the time!
Enjoy the sunshine.

runtwo said...

Looks good- give me a shout if you fancy running through the wood a few times.......