Wednesday, 11 April 2012


The madness is kicking in..
"Only" did 4.5 miles at lunchtime today. Jesus - hardly worth getting my shoes on for that.
Last night saw me do slightly longer at the club than I had intended - I did a tough, HILLY, 10 miler with Andy, while I had intended a flatish and moderate 6 or 7. Enjoyed the run mind - up Starvation Brae then over Brunt Hill before heading down back into Dunbar via Pinkerton... Even though the rain was hammering down and we got soaked to the skin.

However, simply because last night's run was longer and tougher, I decided to cut back today and stick to what is in essence the shortest possible "loop" that starts and ends at the house.
I will try and do 6 tomorrow at a moderate pace and then that's me till Sunday (unless I go for a mile or two just to ease the legs on Saturday afternoon). Should end the week with a total mileage in the low 40's, which will be in the ball park of what I was aiming for.

I don't even feel that the carbo loading is going as well as it should. I'm starving half the time and haven't added any weight at all! Do fruit scones count? Maybe I should have two with my coffee tomorrow.

I find myself checking the long range weather forecasts over and over and over again to try and find out what it's likely to be doing on Sunday. As if it matters!! It's going to be the same for everybody regardless of the weather.

I've got the other "classic" symptom of taper madness. Already a bit of a hypochondriac anyway, I'm hyper sensitive to other people with coughs and sneezes at the moment.

Going to try and "occupy" my mind by starting to read Jo Nesbo's "Headhunters". Read a couple of his earlier books and really enjoyed them, so I want to try and read this one before I hear too many people prattling on about the film and spoiling it for me.

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