Sunday, 1 April 2012


Two rest days in a row! Bliddy hell that's unusual for me, but yesterday saw us away for the day and time just wasn't really available for a run - so there you go.
Anyway. No ill effects and today I went out for my last long run before the taper starts ("ish).
Did 21 mile today. Twice round a well trod 10.5 mile loop that's one of my staple runs.
Now, I don't normally do a double loop when doing a long run, but because I do this particular loop so often I decided that I should try it twice - but try to maintain the same pace that I usually go at when running it once.
Don't know if it will benefit me at all, but I managed it pretty well. It's quite a hilly circuit (they ALL are round here) and I usually clock about 1:23, but today I went round in 1:24 the first circuit then 1:22 for the last.
Another benefit of doing a double loop was "no need to carry water". I just left a bottle at the start point and had a quick slug when I came round at "halfway".
Sun was out, but it did feel slightly colder today - so another good thing about a double loop; the gloves got dropped off after the first lap and picked up again just before the end.

Slightly shorter runs this week at slightly easier pace.

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