Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Well. I did say last week that we could still get snow!
Sort of self fulfilling prophecy. My fault. Sorry.
Weather the last couple of days has been crap - not nice for running at all. I actually enjoy running in snow. What I don't like is running in freezing sleet and hail that's getting blown into your face... guess what we've had these past two days?
Last night's run with the club was a nine mile slog up by Burnhead and over to Pitcox. I had intended to take it a bit easier anyway (i.e. slower). It was "slower" but the effort we had to put in seemed to be disproportionally high.
Then again today. Went out for 11 and I felt like I was getting battered by the wind every way I turned. And, to cap it all, perhaps the largest hail storm of the day decided to make itself felt while I was about halfway round.
Last week it was all tee-shirts and shorts. This week, so far, it's back to running jackets, hats and gloves.

Anyway. Last nights run was quite fascinating. I ran round with Richard. Turns out he's a bit of a walking encyclopedia on the history of the greater Dunbar conurbation.
There's a bit of a wooded area just near Burnhead. Apparently there was a quarry down there years ago and there was a railway that took stuff down towards Spott way. In the woods, once it was described to me, you could quite clearly see the embankment where the railway had run! I've probably noticed it before (I run that way a lot), but have just assumed it was a natural ridge.
It looks as though it was probably just a light gauge railway for carts. But fascinating never the less.
I shall have to stop and have a look sometime, and then try to find out more.

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