Thursday, 19 April 2012

R & R

R & R

Oh lordy, lordy the legs are still stiff and heavy. To be expected I suppose, but I’ll be happy when I get a bit of “bounce” back in them.

Managed to do 51 mile this week (though most of that was the race). Tuesday’s club run was a pleasantly sedate 7 miles or so along Belhaven beach and back through John Muir.

Not doing the interval session tonight – I’ll stand with the stop watch.

Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow and then a bit of an easier weekend (might try about  9 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday).

Apparently, according to the “meedja” there’s a “marathon” (??) race in London at the weekend. Might watch that.

Other than that my plans are pretty simple….. find time to properly listen to the music I’ve got recently. Read a book – “Professor Moriarty: The Hound of the DUrbervilles” – VERY funny, it’s the memoirs of Holmes’s nemesis written by his sidekick Moran.

Oh – I’ll also try to find time to finish off the last of my Easter eggs (though yesterday’s revelation that I need another two fillings really should tell me something).

I might even find time this weekend to enter a few races…….

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