Monday, 9 April 2012


How can a four day weekend go in so bloody quickly?
The club's 10k event falling on Easter weekend really didn't help, and a couple of the four days were pretty much taken up with stuff for that (if it was up to me it wouldn't fall at Easter - but it isn't - so it probably will again).

Anyway. Managed to get a couple of small(ish) runs in over the weekend and trying to keep the pace fairly moderate. Try to save the legs for next Sunday.
I am attempting to stave off the more horrific effects of "taper madness" by attempting to eat my body weight in chocolate Easter Eggs. Possibly not the best food stuff for carbo loading but there you go.
Actually, I think I will lay off the chocolate from now till after the marathon. Take an egg with me up to eat afterwards.
I hate the week before a marathon when I'm tapering. There's a negative correlation between the mileage ran and the amount of self doubt. The less you run the more you doubt your ability.
I really don't feel as ready this time round.

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