Sunday, 18 March 2012


A couple of long runs this weekend.
13 mile up and over by the wind farm and Crichness yesterday then a 22.5 mile bimble today.
Today's run was pretty much like last Sunday's but I added another bit on to the end. Took it a bit quicker as well.
Feels quite good to have some proper mileage under my belt. Gives me a little bit more confidence for the upcoming mara'.
Got a 10k next Saturday at Pencaitland - it's a pretty low key event - but I think I'll make that my last "eyeballs out" race prior to the marathon. It's another trail race, so hopefully even going at it full pelt I shouldn't take too much out of the legs, then I'll try to get another 20+ in next Sunday. Ideally I'd like to do 24 or 25.

The old "gappy hole" in my gums is still acting strange.... After Wednesday's patch up job with toilet-cleaner soaked cotton wool and a small batch of anti-alcohol tablets it all seemed to be getting better.
But then in the wee small hours of Saturday morning it started acting up again - big time. So I was back to the family size packets of pain killers.
Then this morning?.... nothing! All was well.
But all the "stuffing" has now dissolved and/or fallen out and when I look into the cavernous abyss of the gappy hole I'm sure I can see a bit of root still lodged way down in the gum. Not too bad today, so I'll give it a couple more days before I decide whether to go back or not.
Amazing, eh? You don't see the dentist for years ... then you end up going a couple of times in the space of a week!! Whats the chances of that? ("Yes"...think I may have answered my own question there).

Anyway. Hope the tooth is sorted before next Saturday. The last time I did this 10k at Pencaitland, instead of a crappy tin medal at the end you got a large shortbread "medal" on a ribbon. Great idea. Delicious.

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