Thursday, 29 March 2012


I feel like I'm dead on my feet these days. I'm knackered. Spending half my time shuffling along like a zombie – no signs of life – vacuous of all energy and zest for life. Thank god I work beside [un]civil-servants, at least I can blend in.

Maybe it's the, decidedly, unseasonal warm weather that's getting to me? I don't know.
Since my run in with the maniac orthodontist the other week I have broken my "habit" of hot chocolate and biscuits last thing at night. It was a real bad habit that I adopted six years ago when I gave up another bad habit - and now that I have knocked it on the head I want to steer clear of getting sucked back in - BUT I've actually lost a bit of weight since then and I'm starting to think I don't really have the energy reserves that perhaps I should? Who knows. And to be honest even if it is a lack of energy reserves I’m pretty sure a nutritionist wouldn’t recommend hot chocolate and custard creams.
One obvious answer could be the increased mileage lately. I’ve not had a week below 50 this year – the last three weeks have all been 70+ and the two before that 60+ (this too might account for the weight loss).
Reading a really good Swedish thriller at the moment about a hunt for a hit-man with a penchant for playing Thelonious Monk’s “Misterioso” while he cleans up after a job. Great stuff, but last night I had to pack it in after a couple of pages (or “screens” I suppose in these days of ereaders) because I kept dropping off.

Nothing major planned for the weekend (though maybe I should spend some time “panic-buying” petrol, pasties and stamps). I’ll try for one last long run then start the taper on Monday. Rest might do me a bit good.

 Although I’ve had my new toy for about a week now I’ve still not had as much time as I’d like to play about with it – so that might be something to keep me occupied. First impressions of the hardware are good (including the ability to switch to “glorious mono”)– but I’ve yet to be convinced about the software. It’s “ok” but Itunes is a tad “clunky” on Windows (Tip: If you go to: Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools then select Component Services > Services (Local) and change AppleMobileDeviceManager.exe from auto start to manual it seems to speed things up – a lot. Create a shortcut and just start this before you connect the Ipod).
However, I have got a new “skin” for it – as I believe the kids call them. Basically a silicon case to keep it nice – essential for a hashy bustard like me! I chose one that would take me back to my own “yoof” – proper walkmans and “mixer tapes”. Those were the days!! Nowadays we complain about “only” having 50 albums on our mp3 players. Christ I used to be happy with two or three C90’s, that would do me for weeks. God only knows how many AA batteries I used to get through too!

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