Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Well, it was fun while it lasted. But that's Winter over and Spring, my least favourite of seasons, is upon us.
More significantly the clocks change this coming weekend and we should get more light at nights. Certainly enough to venture forth into the countryside on club nights.
So, last night was the last "town run" for a while and I am now able to pack away my high-viz vest for a few months.
The run started relatively sedately and I did, foolishly, hope that we were going to take it easy and just coast round. Savour the fact that we wouldn't be seeing these streets again for a wee while. But no.. as the miles ticked by the pace crept up and up until the last couple of miles were taken at the usual eyeballs out and frothing at the mouth pace.

Legs feel dead today so I think I'll content myself with a bit of a plod at lunchtime - nothing frantic.
As I feared, now that my gappy-gum-hole is starting to calm down and I'm off the painkillers (have been for 48 hours) all the niggles and aches that vanished while I was "numbed up" are coming back to haunt me. Last ten days or so? Toothy/gummy agony....a diet of painkillers ..... fabulous ache free running. Coincidence? I think not.

There's a side of me - an evil dark side perhaps - that's wondering if a little "self prescribed" regime of painkillers leading up to a marathon would be a bad thing??? Or if anyone out there has some old EPO kicking about that they don't want, I'm happy to make an offer.

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