Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Best thing about working from home? "Working from home".
Next best thing? The ability to get out and go a bit of a longer run.
I've never really found a negative about working from home. But today I did find one very slight drawback. The absence of the office canteen.

I had about five miles of my run left today when I developed a sudden craving for a fruit scone. Not just "any" fruit scone, but one of the scones they sell in the office at Leith. The ones that (on a good day) are about the size of a babies head!
That said, on a  "bad" day - jeezus are they bad! Even that brain-box Brian Cox would be hard pressed to explain the density of them on a bad day. It's like small planets have been sucked into a black hole and "spat out" the other side hugely compressed.
Anyway. It was a "good day" scone that I was fantasising about. I hate when you get an idea like that in your head - especially if its for something you don't have (or don't have easy access to).
The last five bleedin miles into a head wind. Just trying to keep my head down (literally) and just plough on. And all the while knowing that what I wanted wasn't there for me at the end.
I suppose next Tuesday I could buy one to bring home for the Wednesday. But - you can never try to pre-guess a craving. For all I know it might be battenberg or coffee and walnut cake that springs into my mind.
Settled in the end for a bit of Sticky Lemon Cake with my coffee (and very nice it was too).

Weighed myself after my run and noticed that my weights gone down to "daft". So maybe my "craving" was my body trying to tell me something. Or perhaps I should just learn to bake!!

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