Thursday, 1 March 2012



Well. My plan of having an “easy” week in between the Devilla 15k and the Lasswade 10 isn’t quite going to plan.

Tuesday saw me doing 18 miles (split over two runs) and yesterday saw me, on a welcome day off work coupled with beautiful weather, compelled to do a ten miler. I know I didn’t have to and I could perhaps have taken the run a bit easier, but yesterday was just one of those days where everything “clicks” into place. My company had, generously, declared the day a holiday, the sun was out and it was more like a Summers morning than late February. It was a fantastic day for a run. I simply couldn’t not.

All in all by the time I get to the stat line on Sunday I’m going to have about 60 miles under my belt. Perhaps not the best of prep for what is, after all, a tough race. So. Intervals tonight, followed by a rest day tomorrow and an easy day on Saturday.



To assist in the resting process I’ve just acquired a new offering from Alan Barnes – perhaps the busiest man on UK jazz at the moment (well he is if his prodigious recording output is anything to go on). Barnes has played with almost every musician in the field of jazz and popular music you would ever want to listen to….. and Sting.

A multi reeds man, this new record sees him on alto sax only for a programme of music associated with the late Art Pepper. And a mighty fine record it is, covering the complete Pepper “oeuvre” from West Coast Cool to bop (be and hard), via a couple of beautiful ballads like “Our Song”.

A beautiful quartet recording that sounds wonderful (even in glorious mono). I shall also try and dig out some of my Art Pepper recordings at the weekend.

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