Sunday, 11 March 2012


A strange weekend of jaw pain. Stupidity. Long runs and soothing jazz.
The bloody gap in my lower jaw where the tooth used to reside is sore. Very sore. It's taking regular rations of ibuprofen and paracetamol to stop me climbing the walls. The pain is almost as bad as the pain that made me go to the dentist in the first place (almost - but not quite).
Still. Within about half an hour of necking a couple of pain killers its not too bad so I've tried to time my long runs this weekend to my medication. I know a sore moth shouldn't impact on your running. But it does. Anything that causes pain or discomfort will have an impact on how you run. Given that you breath harder when you run and you use your mouth (or at least I do) then the cold air getting sucked in over the wound can get a bit painful.
Anyhoo. Ripped to the tits on pain killers I've managed 9 miles up and through the windfarms at the back of our bit on Saturday. And today I tootled out for a 21 miler.
Started off by heading out towards Piotcox and Stenton. Then went out by the Chicken Farm, West Barns and back up towards home via Doon steadings. However, as I was coming up from Woodhall Dean I noticed that the old GPS was only at about 17.5 - way too short. So I sort of doubled back a bit and put in a slight detour.
Managed in the end to get to slightly over 21. Not a rip-roaring pace, but that was never the point.

Spent part of the day yesterday listening to some Gerry Mulligan albums I'd got from Amazon (a good part of the day to be honest - there's 8 albums). Lovely, mellow stuff.....mostly bop and West Coast Cool. The set is mainly made up of late 50's Mulligan releases and sees him in the company of Johnny Hodges, Ben Webster, Thelonious Monk, Lee Konitz and (unsurprisingly) Chet Baker.
As mentioned all very mellow, though the stuff with Monk gets a wee bit "angular and tangential"......nice!

Today I decided to "rip" some of these to my MP3 player. And while the PC was chuntering away I decided to do a little research into recovery times after molar extraction.

Oh dear. Most of them advise "no strenuous exercise for three or four days". Wonder if that includes 21 mile runs?

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