Wednesday, 28 March 2012


The first club run on a Tuesday, after the clocks go forwards and the light nights are here is always a satisfying time.
After 5 and a bit months of being "limited" to the confines of the town run it's always nice to get out and about. Push the distance a little. Explore the countryside. The town run (as we call it) is OK, but because its the same route week in and week out the emphasis is almost exclusively on speed. Every week turns into a sort of time trial. That's all good training I suppose, but it does get a bit repetitive (and the legs, quite often, are a bit "empty" on the Wednesday after).
But never, that I can remember, has it ever been such ideal conditions as it was last night! Unbelievable. Never mind the clocks going forwards an hour. It was as though the whole damn calender had been put forward by about 4 months. It's like going straight from March to July.
A stunning night for a run through John Muir and then back via the chicken farm. This ten miler was the order of the day for most last night, though some did choose to lengthen it a wee bit. Ran with Ian last night and while the pace was kept relatively high it was nice to crank it down half a gear or so.
Trying to enjoy the nice weather while I can. This is Scotland after all - can't even rule out snow yet!

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