Monday, 20 February 2012


My old pal the black dog has been hanging about so I thought I’d try and tame him a wee bit and took him out for a brisk 7 mile run early doors this morning.
I know that those endomorphins start buzzing about your system when you have a good run and you get a bit of a “high”, so I often find a morning run is the best way to put me in a ….. well, I wouldn’t say “good” mood, lets just settle for a slightly-less-foul-mood-than-usual.. for the day.
Really noticing a difference in the light these mornings (i.e. there is some!).
Sadly yesterdays run didn’t put me in too good a mood as I had to pass by the corpse of a badger about a mile and a half from the house. I know that farmers don’t like them and you shouldn’t get sentimental over road kill. You live in the country – things die – get over it!
But I like badgers. Bad tempered irascible wee buggers. I see them as kindred spirits.

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