Monday, 13 February 2012



I got stopped the other day at lunchtime and interviewed by “I-On” magazine. Oh yes.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with “I-On” it’s a handy pocket sized *ahem* “lifestyle” magazine full of a load of aspirational w@nk and aimed at young groovy-feckers (or as they put it “urban professionals” – I’m more a prematurely aged, rural scruff sort.)

Anyway. I assume its one of those features where they stop (at random) half a dozen or so “typical” folk and throw a random question at them.

My question was “what’s your favourite place in Edinburgh?”

Now. I think the idea is to expound the virtues of some “groovy, right-on” place where all the “happening” people go. I think I maybe missed the point, and I could see the “reporter’s”* eyes start to lose their light as I started rambling on about how the Record Shak is the best place, as its one of the few places left that has a truly worthwhile choice for the jazz collector (* For “reporter” read “recent school leaver”).

I think my wafer thin veneer of grooveyness was wearing off. I don’t really think I’m I-On’s “target demographic”. I’m more a Lidl’s-offers-free-newspaper type of man myself.

Didn’t help either that they had to take my photo three times. “Smile…” “This IS me smiling” I retorted through my best Gordon-Brownesque grimace.

I have my doubts that my insights will ever roll off the printing press and my hopes of achieving opinion-maker status might be short lived.

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