Tuesday, 7 February 2012



It probably contravenes god knows how many health and safety, or fire regulations (arguably it might contravene the Geneva Convention on biological warfare).

It certainly contravenes socially acceptable “norms” and commonly held values on hygiene….

Got into the DGP today and discovered, at lunchtime while thinking about going a run, that I had left my shorts yesterday, hanging over my PC in Leith…to dry out the sweaty liner.

A quick phone call to Mr Brown in the Leith office at least lessened the risk of fire (I won’t be back in there till Thursday). Though I did sense a reluctance to remove the offending article by hand. There is, I must admit, a tendency for my small part of the office to look like Widow Twankey’s wash house, after a run; with all the gear left out to air.

Luckily I had another pair with me for tonight, so I just used them. As long as I remember to remove them from the top of the laser printer before I go tonight J

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Ray said...

See you Thurs night :)