Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Once open, keep refrigerated
and use within one week.

Any runner will tell you that nutrition is very important. You've got to get a good balance of the essentials like carbs, protein, iron, mars bars and cakes (beer - if that's your thang).
But, being a runner also involves a lot of time training and we don't always have time to prepare fancy meals. So here's a recipe for a healthy balanced supper that I made last night.......

  • Place some virgin olive oil in a pan and heat it (obviously) - I use a small wok-type pan.
  • Finely chop half an onion and three cloves of garlic.
  • Add to the hot oil and stir. Fry till soft (not brown).
  • Lower the heat a bit and add one drained can of butter beans. Keep stirring and don't let the beans burn.
  • Add a little crushed black pepper and salt if desired.
  • Then add about 3/4 of a jar of pesto that's been opened for about 4-5 weeks and stir in (don't worry if you don't have a foosty jar of pesto - a fresh one would probably do).
  • Add a hand full of green olives and a handful of black olives.

Serve hot in a bowl. I served mine with already prepared chick pea felafel's, but sausages would be nice (vegetarian obviously) and some walnut and raisin bread.

NOW. It was delicious and I enjoyed it a lot. Sadly something obviously didn't quite agree with me and I've been suffering a bit today ("upset stomach" doesn't begin to describe it).
I've been through the recipe with a fine tooth comb trying to ascertain what it was that went for me...
Think I maybe should only have used two cloves of garlic.

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