Saturday, 11 February 2012


All my days are to pot...but in a good sort of way.
I was off work yesterday (Hurrah).
We were at a gig on Thursday night at the Queens Hall. Away to see the trio "Meadow", John Taylor on piano, Tore Brunborg on sax and Thomas Stronen on drums.
A truly superb gig. All these guys have recorded for ECM before (though not together), but their album "Blissful Ignorance" is on Edition Records. However, their "sound" (or "style") is pure ECM. Does that make sense?
Meadow really draw on the whole spectrum of north European classical, folk and jazz influences.
They played most of their [so far only] album and a few new ones that hopefully will make it onto CD soon.
I noticed that there was something "strange" about the gig, but I couldn't put my finger on it. And then it clicked... absolutely no microphones, no wires,no mixing desk, no amps and no mixing desk. It was 100% acoustic and pure. If Brunborg wanted to bring down the sax a bit he walked to the back of the stage and if the drummer wanted to quieten things down a bit he just threw a cloth over the drums.
There was only one down side to this... when they were introducing the tunes it was difficult to make them out - though I did catch that two of the new ones are called "Edinburgh 1" and "Edinburgh 2".

Anyhoo. A great night, but, while it wasn't exactly late I didn't fancy having to get up at 5 for work the next day ... so we took Friday off.

So yesterday saw us out and about doing shopping and stuff that's normally done on a Saturday. Therefore today was LSD day.
Off towards Pitcox, then along by Dunbar and out towards Barns Ness before heading over over the [busy] A1 and back via Weatherly.
Just managed to get the old GPS to tip over to twenty miles. Not exactly fast (2:44) but that was never the point of today's exercise. Nine weeks to the marathon so I need to get a few in like that over the next seven weeks or so - just get my body used to being out on the road for that length of time again.
Still trying to keep up with this new fangled "stretching" regime. Got a few strange looks yesterday when we were out and about shopping, as I would stop occasionally to stretch my hams, calfs etc. The back is getting a bit better, but perhaps I could have done with a wee bit "chemical intervention" this morning (bruphen).
Continuing my trial that I started last year into a more scientific approach to nutrition during long runs - a couple of veggie Percy Pig sweeties. One at 16 miles for a wee energy boost and one at 19.8 because that's when I remembered I had it!!

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Ray said...

Mmmm very unhappy that I missed the gig. Did you notice the empty seat next to you? That should have had my arse sitting in it.