Thursday, 9 February 2012



What “draws me in” to wanting to listen to certain pieces of music?

Sometimes it’s the style of music that’s on a recording that draws me to it.

Sometimes it’s the musician involved.

And sometimes, just sometimes, it’s the cover.

How good is that? It just exudes early 1950’s elegance and aspirational desires in an age of [true] austerity.

As it is, the music ain’t that shoddy either. Nothing startling or innovative – it’s not going to rock your world. But then again who wants their world “rocked” every time anyway? Sometimes we just want solid and dependable – and that’s exactly what this is. It’s a sort of super-smooth cocktail jazz that’s more commonly associated with George Shearing. Cover versions of ten well worn jazz standards treated with reverence and respect.

Lockyer went on to become a composer for TV and films and one of the films he composed for was the first Dr Who and the Daleks film (sadly not the Bernard Cribbins one.)


Yak Hunter said...

We both think the lady on the cover looks like Anne and that's why you like it!

Stuart said...