Sunday, 19 February 2012


Where's my Sunday gone??

Down at Kelso today for the 7th and last leg of the Borders XC. Beautiful weather, absolutely stunning location, a lovely course and a great crowd........or so I'm told.

A stunning location....apparently

I was helping out with the results and only saw the inside of a windowless little committee room in a nearby rugby club.
Didn't get a chance to chat to many people either - though I did get the chance to talk to everyone when, unbeknown to me, it was decided that I would do the announcements for the presentations.
Anyone who has heard me doing this type of thing before will testify that I'm possibly one of the most sweet-natured hosts you could wish for, and make Bruce Forsyth look like a rank amateur.

My criteria for a "successful" event are pretty simple, and I set the bar quite low to be honest. Runner enjoyment etc all take a back seat when it comes to what's top of my check list...
  1. Did anyone get killed? - No
  2. Were there any serious injuries? - No
  3. Is there anything we could get sued for? - No.
Then, it was a successful event.

Though at one point there was a bit of a problem with the results when =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($A3,'7 Results'!$B$3:$J$406,8,FALSE)),1000,VLOOKUP($A3,'7 Results'!$B$3:$J$406,8,FALSE)) was wrongly transcribed as =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($A3,'7 Results'!$B$3:$I$406,8,FALSE)),1000,VLOOKUP($A3,'7 Results'!$B$3:$I$406,8,FALSE)). Oh, how we laughed.

Got home and went out for a brisk nine miler before I sat down to finalise the results and put them on the web. It's now nearly tea-time and after that I'm looking down the barrel of the start of another week at work.

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