Thursday, 2 February 2012


Went out for ten miles on Tuesday night with Ian S. Bit of a head torch assisted run, out with the confines of the town and into the country. Through Spott, along to Burnhead, over to Pitcox and then back via Eweford. By the time we got back to Hallihll the GPS digits were still a half mile or so shy of ten miles, so we just went round the track a few times to round things off. Nice steady pace rather than eyeballs out.

Quite enjoyed it and hopefully it will help keep my weekly mileage high(ish) after a weekend that was a bit restricted.
Anyway. I've got two head torches and went running on Tuesday with the "full-on-in-yer-face" six LED version that I have.
My other torch is a small 1 LED job, though it still shines a fair light. However, I did notice the other day that the batteries were getting a bit low and it was dimming. A visit to one of my favourite shops for some "quality" replacements was in order - Poundland! J
The torch takes two CR2016s but I couldn’t buy these separately so had to settle for a pack that had 4 CR2032s, 2 CR2016s and 2 CR2025s. I thought even £1 for the two I need isn’t bad.
Then I got thinking - it seems a waste to “waste” the other six batteries.. “would 2 CR2016s just be the same as 1 CR2032 ?? Bugger me. It works! So that’s five torch refills for £1.
So if you have a torch that takes this type of battery – take it from me, it works.

Not everything from Poundland is quality though, and I’m not always lucky with things “electric”.. A little while ago I bought some replacement bulbs for our spotlights in the kitchen. After all a bulb is a bulb.
Apart from yesterday… when I tootled down the stairs and into the kitchen for a bit of sticky lemon drizzle cake.
I turned on the light, there was an almighty flash and one of the spots blew out of the holder like a bullet and hit me on the forehead and exploded into a thousand tiny pieces!! It didn’t simply fall down on to me – this thing came out with some force.
I thought I’d become the victim of some deranged Paul McCartney fan (is there any other type) who was armed with a snipers rifle! Took ages to clean up afterwards. If it hadn’t been for my specs I reckon I’d have got it in the eyes.

As for head torches, it might be getting close to the time when we can pack them away for a bit. I noticed this morning that it was light by about 7:20. Good news indeed for those who go early morning runs.

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