Friday, 13 January 2012



Last night’s interval session was bloody tough (as it should be). One mile, followed by 8 x 600m.

Got tantalizingly close, a couple of times, to getting round in under 2 minutes on the first few goes - but just couldn’t manage it.

So, on the second-last interval I just decided to go off like a rocket from the start and then try to just hang on. Got round in 1:59! Sadly I left myself so knackered that I had to jog round on the last 600m. For one reason or another I didn’t do as many interval sessions as I would have liked over the last 12 months or so, so I’m more than keen to keep it up and give it as much effort as I can when I do go… I’m convinced you get the rewards at the end of it.

Enjoying a rest day today. Going to try for a 16 mile run one day this weekend. I normally “save” my long run till a Sunday – but if the weather is nice tomorrow I might just go for it then.

Looking forward to my Friday night C.C.J. tonight (coffee, cake and jazz while reading John Fordham’s normally excellent jazz reviews in the Guardian). Still working my way through my festive haul of toons but I’ve also got a new acquisition – “Early Piano Music” by Ketil Bjørnstad. It’s a re-release of a couple of solo albums he recorded in the early to mid 80’s just before he switched over to the ECM label. Some really melodic and ambient stuff here, as well as a couple of more discernibly jazzy numbers that are reminiscent of some of Keith Jarrett’s works (but without the annoying Muppet like mumblings).

I thought, on first listening to some of the tracks, that they already sounded “familiar”. Not surprising really as Bjørnstad states in the album notes that while these were just spontaneous “doodlings” some of the themes he was playing with did get developed and incorporated into his later work “The Sea”. None of the tracks are “named” as such but are just labelled as “Prelude 1”, “Prelude 2” etc.

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