Sunday, 15 January 2012


Quite a good weekend (so far). Did 12 mile yesterday then 16 today.
As it turned out yesterday was actually quite grey, drab and I decided to save my long run till today. And it proved to be the right choice for once. This morning was perfect for running. Cold, crisp, clear and calm.
Though I probably did over dress and ended up cooking for half the run - but there you go.
Today's run was mainly off road and was a sort of convoluted route round the wind farms and over to Crichness then back into the wind farms by a wee path near the car park/picnic area at Crystal Forest.
Loads of hills so a nice slow pace was the order of the day.

Started watching the DVD box set of season one of "The Walking Dead" which Frank gave me a loan of. Pretty good fun. Basically a zombie story about a cop who wakes from a coma (after being shot) to find himself in a world where the dead are walking the streets. I'm only a couple of episodes in, so why the dead are walking the streets hasn't been explained yet.
Quite gory in parts and possibly not the best viewing while your tucking into a big bowl of pasta in tomato sauce! Though to be truthful the "zombies" are nothing compared to what can be seen on a daily basis shuffling down by the chill cabinets in Lidl in the Kirkgate.

Speaking of shopping - I need to get out this week and buy more plastic sleeves for CDs. I'm afraid that even by my slobby standards the "overspill pile" from my collection is getting a bit untidy. I found things in the bottom of the pile that I'd forgotten that I even had!

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