Monday, 16 January 2012


Today is, I believe, “Blue Monday”. Supposedly the most depressing day of the year L

It’s got something to do with debt after Christmas, being back at work and length of time till next pay day…apparently. Really? Personally today’s just another case of D.D.S.S. (different day same shit). Miserable is my default setting.
It looks as though “misery” may be a bit of a constant companion for me for a while, as the country is plunged into a two and a half year (!!) referendum campaign. Two and a half years of having to watch that fat bustard Salmond’s smug, arse-like, face looming at me from the telly every night. Jesus wept..

Anyhoo. One wee “highlight” today has been the removal of traffic management and removal of scaffolding from Salamander Street close by to my office. This has once more freed up my 5.5 mile run down towards Seafield and Portobello. It’s was closed for weeks towards the end of last year, due to road works. Then it reopened just before Christmas but then closed again in the New Year after the high winds when a building became “unsafe”.
I’ve enjoyed the 7 mile route I’ve been doing as an alternative, but it is nice to have a bit of choice.
Very, VERY cold out running today though. Quite exhilarating – gets the blood pumping. Though the cold does affect my breathing a bit when I try to start too quickly without an adequate warm up. And, given that I’m at work and time is limited … so is the warm up. Well I say “limited” – there isn’t one.
Don’t know if it’s just the effect on my breathing, or the extra weight and encumbrance of more clothes – perhaps it’s a sensible fear of slipping – but I do go a bit slower in the cold.
Still good fun though.

On a cheery, jazzy, note.. I have a new recording to listen to - Red Rodney “No Turn On Red”. An album of, mainly, originals, by the one time bopster and Charlie Parker sideman. The album dates from 1986 but wasn’t released till 89 when his career had had a wee resurgence on the back of interest generated by the movie “Bird” . I remember my neighbour’s cat Fatso “dug” my last Red Rodney offering so I’ll have to see what he makes of this on Wednesday, if I get a chance to play it when he’s hanging around.

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