Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Last night's club run was a little oasis in an otherwise blustery week. Or "month" probably.
Last night there was little or no wind at all. As is our want in the winter months the relatively short run was taken at a fast pace and there was a feeling that it had been a good session.
So. Today? Today, when I'm working from home and get that wee bit extra time to go a bit longer at lunchtime? Yes. My old pal "the wind" is back (has there ever been a windier January?).
Back on a mission it would seem. His mission being to make my run as bloody awful as he can manage.
Very few people, I imagine, look back on last winter's weather fondly and miss it. But I'm one of those few. Give me snow any day. I'll run in cold and won't complain. I'll run in the rain and I won't complain. But wind? Frickin' hate it. And today was one of those days when every time I turned a corner the wind turned too - so it was always in my face.
Eight mile - but it felt like twelve!
I do enjoy my Spring marathons... but the winter training can be a bind at times.

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