Monday, 23 January 2012



I was looking at the details of some races recently. Trying to get a handle on what I want to do.

Got one or two in mind.

But it dawned on me that I still haven’t entered the Edinburgh Marathon for this year and I found myself wondering “why”. I’m afraid the best answer I can come up with is, quite honestly, that I’m bored with the Edinburgh Marathon. I’ve done it nine years in a row….and I need to give it a rest.

I’m afraid that being a member of the “Mile AYE” club isn’t really enough incentive for me. Edinburgh is a good marathon and it’s got PB potential – I’d recommend it to anyone (it is a bit dear though). But it’s shaped my [running] year for too long. Its time for change.

I still want to do a Spring marathon – so Lochaber here I come. Entry away and hotel booked.

Hopefully this will give my motivation the kick up the behind that it needs to get me out doing some longer runs.

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