Friday, 6 January 2012

DAY 4.....

DAY 4.....

Well, dawn broke on a dull and powerless Woodhall for a fourth day today.

Life’s all getting a bit surreal to be honest. The house is taking on the appearance of an expedition base camp; with all “cooking” and water boiling being done on a tiny one burner camping stove and all light coming from candles and our runners head torches (possibly the best bit of kit ever in these situations).

I’ve managed to get an elderly MP3 player hooked up to a small battery powered speaker and configured as an FM radio. So at the very least we can listen to the radio.

Though to be honest. What’s worse than waking up in a cold, dark, house with no power at 5:15?? Yes – waking up in a cold, dark, house with no power at 5:15 and listening to Vanessa Feltz prattling away on the radio (who in their right mind gave that fat mare a job?)

Yesterday at work saw me take advantage of the “free” electricity on offer and recharge my ereader, MP3 player, Garmin and speaker J!!

Sadly a lot of the food in the freezer has had to be lobbed out and Anne was up at 4:00 this morning clearing things out the freezer.




Still. Decided that if I was having a shower at work this morning I might as well go for a run before it, so I went out for a 7 mile route up by the water of Leith etc at 7:00.

A bit “cross country” as there were quite a few fallen trees on the route to climb over or go round by clambering up and along bankings.

My hamstring felt a lot better today (as it did last night at the club). So I’m hopeful up for running in the cross country this weekend at Paxton. If I can do this race that’s me “got my four in” for the series (won’t be doing the last race).


I’m still undecided about what “big” races to do in the first half of this year. I have three marathons in mind – Locharber, Edinburgh, and the new one at Strathearn. Out of these three I think I’ll do two. Edinburgh is a given as I need to keep my place in the “Mile AYE club” so the only real choice is which of the other two?

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Yak Hunter said...

Oh Brrr! Sounds grim. I think there's a nice river to have a wash in after Paxton.:-). We were thinking do Lochaber and Strathearn, although who knows really. Struggling to think of somewhere to go running now in the freezing dark to combine with a Tesco's shop.