Saturday, 7 January 2012


Oh thank the lord (or if I'm to be fair - thank Scottish Power).
Got in from work yesterday to find that power had been restored! A full 45 minutes before we got back in from work if the flashing clock on the cooker was to believed. So we were out for a about 82 hours ... did I hear somebody say "compensation"?
It's amazing how quickly, without electricity in our homes, we revert to our old "natural" state of grumpy boredom (or is that just me).
Equally, it's amazing how soon after power is restored to our homes that we revert back to our "modern" "natural" state of sitting there flicking through countless TV channels mumbling "is this all that's on?". I was sitting doing this while Anne was through removing the remainder of the soggy remnants from what was once our freezer.

There was a brief moment of panic last night when the power went back off for five minutes. I was standing on "hold" to talk to one of my many friends on the help line when it came back on. It was probably just a "controlled outage" while they reconnected someone else further down the line.

Anyway. Power = hot water = shower = no excuse for not going out a run today. And more importantly no excuse for not taking part in the Paxton House XC tomorrow. The "tightness" in my hamstring appears to have slipped down to my calf - strange. A nice gentle run today followed by loads of stretching. Stretching my back while I loaf out on the sofa and finish my book to be precise! I might even return to a bit of "holiday mode" and try to make an impression on some of my chocolate stash. Strange how I get addicted to chocolate at times. The Portobello race on New Years day was excellent so it says so much about me, rather than the organisation, that my only "complaint" was that the little box of raisins we got at the end weren't chocolate covered!

On a "minus" side the power being on did mean that I had no excuse for not taking part in that dreadful weekend pastime "cleaning and hoovering".

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