Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Enjoying my stay here on "plant time off". As per, at this time of year, .... getting into a really calm groove.
If only the same could be said about the weather! Yesterday was a strangely calm day and I enjoyed an almost 13 mile run over by the wind farms and Crichness that was mainly on trail. Lovely stuff. Beautiful blue sky. Perfect post Christmas weather.
Every other day? Howlin' a feckin gale! Jeeze - I was out for 9 miles this morning and just about got blown backwards at one point! That said I'm glad I went out reasonably early on for my run today as it was forecast to get worse as the day goes on... and it is.

Don't usually get drawn into the whole "January Sales" thing. But I got an email from one of the sports shops I've used in the past, to inform me that they had the type of shoes I run in at 50% off (Brooks Adrenalin). Given that I actually do need new shoes right now it seemed stupid not to.
Going to spend some time one day soon going through all my kit - see what I can get rid of. I've a bad habit of buying new kit, but not getting rid of the old stuff. I've a drawer full of new tee shirts that I've hardly had on - yet I seem to wear the same old skanky two or three all the time!
And shoes? Jeeze the "old" shoes that I hang on to after I stop running in them. It's like playing "shoe jenga" in our utility room sometimes. You try to get one pair out and about six other pairs end up falling all over the place.

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