Saturday, 10 December 2011


Went out a little while ago for a nine mile run, up round the wind farms at the back.
Fantastic fun. Especially as everything after Weatherly was covered in a layer of snow. Nothing serious at all, perhaps about half an inch deep. Its strange that sometimes I find just a little covering of snow actually improves the grip underfoot. One of the things about running, and walking I suppose, is that you experience the same routes at different times in different conditions - gives them a new perspective and makes them seem fresh again.
Enjoyed running along and trying to figure out what some of the animal tracks were. "Oh yes. Definitely a fox" I thought, as I saw one line of tracks cross the road. Then my eyes followed the track to its end and I saw a sheep standing looking at me! Jack Hargreaves I ain't!!

Anyway. Little or no wind today which was really nice after the battering we've had for the last couple of days.
In fact on Thursday the clubs interval session was cancelled - not often that happens.
Another "victim" of Thursday's strong winds was our electricity supply - which does all-too-bloody-often happen. In fact you know you get a lot of power cuts when you know Scottish Power's "emergency helpline" number off by heart(08452727999)!! Thursday night to Friday lunchtime this time. Not too bad as on Friday we were at work anyway. In fact I was in work early on Friday to get a shower before I started (no electricty = no hot water at home).
Even although we weren't out running on Thursday night we still "kept the faith" by sitting about the house with our head torches on !! Very little on telly that I really want to watch, but I've been getting into that comedy "Rev" that's on Thursday nights. Have to try and catch the repeat sometime.

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