Monday, 26 December 2011


Happy lad yesterday. Awoke to discover that Santa had left me a shit-load of jazz (as opposed, thankfully, to a load of shit jazz).
Some real crackers in there and I'm looking forward to some quality time getting myself acquainted with it.
Drummers feature large in this years bag. First to get unwrapped came a CD by the late Tony Levin. A quartet date he did in Germany in 1987. The quartet consisted of Levin on drums, Paul Dunmall on baritone sax and Jerry Underwood and Andy Sheppard, both on tenor sax. Not your usual quartet arrangement then and possibly leaning towards the "avant garde".I don't think this will be an "easy" listen, as such, but it should be a rewarding one.
The next drum related treat was a box set of cds by Phil Seamen ("Seamen's Mission). A selection of sessions from the mid to late 50's by one of the most in demand British drummers there's been. This collection looks like a "who's who" of UK jazz, with Jimmy Deuchar, Joe Harriott, Ronnie Scott, Stan Tracey and Tubby Hayes all making an appearance. Looking forward to going through that.
Loads of other jazz as well. Oh... and quite a bit of aftershave, gels, deodorants and various smelly lotions, that, if I were a cynical man, might lead me to believe that not everyone in my family agrees with my earlier assertion that all a chap needs is a bar of soap, a toothbrush and a razor!!

Yesterday also saw me eat a tad more than I normally would. So that, coupled with the strong wind today, made my nine mile Boxing Day run a bit of a slog to be honest. It doesn't help that it's unfeasibly mild for the time of year either! Had on a Helly Hansen top and a tee shirt over it and ended up cooking!
Still, I was out on Christmas Eve, and we both went for a wee 4.5 mile trot yesterday morning, so I'm going to try and get out every day while I'm off. The "theme" for this holidays running is going to be "easy" pace. I', going to try and get miles in without knackering my legs too much.

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