Saturday, 3 December 2011


Long weekend. Had Friday as a day's leave so we did all the usual "Saturday" type things yesterday - grocery shopping, visit to the recycling centre (always a joy) as well as a Christmas shopping trip.
This left today free, with nowhere we had to be and nothing we had to do. So I decided it was high time I got out there and did some LSD. Horrified to see that this is the first real long run I've done since Inverness at the start of October.
I've been managing to keep my weekly mileage "there or there abouts" but, while I do enjoy the cross country, it sort of takes away my usual main training day (Sunday). So when I'm trying to make up the mileage elsewhere its just wee scrappy bits here and there, and I seem to take every short run at fast pace, the cumulative effect of this can be counter productive (I think).
Anyhoo, given that we're off to Peebles tomorrow I thought Id get out there and do a slow long un'.
Ended up just over 16 miles. Over by Oldhamstocks and back. Nothing too taxing but the wind made me feel like I was really working in some places. Should have chosen a better route to be honest, a 16 mile loop that ends into a head wind is maybe a bit daft.
Felt good though to be out there for a two hour run again. Some time since I've done that.
Don't know how it will effect my run tomorrow at the cross country, but I'm just there to make up the numbers really.
My three day weekend is giving me a real taste for the Christmas holidays coming up. Must try to get out for a few long runs then.

It was quite nice Christmas shopping yesterday. The shops were a bit quieter than usual (hardly anybody gets the St Andrews day holiday).
Not like Wednesday, when the public sector showed their anger at the governments pig-headed refusal to squeeze taxpayers more in order to maintain their privileged gilt edged pensions. This anger, it would appear, manifested itself in the largest orchestrated Christmas shopping trip since 1926 with some shopping centres reporting a 38% increase in footfall. Good for you comrades... good for you.

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