Sunday, 18 December 2011


A wee bit of FC LSD today - with the "FC" being "feckin' cauld"!
A beautiful, cold, icy, clear, blue skied December morning. Just the ticket for a nice, circular, thirteen mile route round by Crowhill, back through Innerwick then finish off with a climb up to Weatherly and a nice downhill last mile back to the house.
It was that cauld today I even wore a jacket and leggings - what a jessie.
Noticed that my road shoes are almost worn flat on the soles - hardly any grip left at all! Going to try and use the trail shoes during the holidays and get off road a bit, but maybe try and get a pair (or two) of shoes in the January sales (if there are any).

Back home and on planet jazz my desire to listen to tunes of a fesive nature is wanning already - and there's still a week to go! I feel sorry for shop workers who have to listen to it all day every day from early November!
Not all Crimbo tunes though! Managed to get a hold of a recording I've been after for ages. Stan Getz and Kenny Barron - "People Time" a double CD that features the best performances from a four night stint the duo played in Copenhagen about three months before Stan passed away in 1991. Exceptionally beautiful music. Stan Getz had such a feathery, light, breathy, whispering tone to his sax.
If Stan was trying to leave a legacy with this recording..he managed it magnificently.
There seems to be quite a bit of sorrow that comes through in the music, but not regret.
The feeling he could put into music was astounding. There is another recording of Stan's from 1971 "Dynasty". This one was recorded at Ronnie Scott's club. During the residence Stan learned of the death of his father and came up with the tune "Ballad For My Dad". Beautiful.

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