Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I saw two shooting stars last night.
I was out for a wee four mile trot. I had decided against going to the club. Yesterday was my works Christmas Lunch and the thought of tanking round the streets of Dunbar with a belly full of food did not appeal.
However, I felt a bit sluggish and bloated so I decided that a gentle trot might be just the thing. So...mindful of the weather I wrapped myself up, put on my head torch and ventured forth onto the country lanes of the Innerwick/Spott conurbation.
First half, with the wind behind me was unbelievably fast - too fast at one point. I was literally getting blown along and, while I like running with a head torch, I'm always mindful about not seeing your footing so I take it a bit easier (four falls in two years after all).
Just as I turned to come home I noticed that the sky was crystal clear and that's when I saw the two "shooting stars" (maybe Billy was right and they were just satellites). Things like that never cease to amaze me. I know its a very common phenomenon, but you just have to be looking at the right place at the right time, so to see two pretty close together was something. I enjoy racing and I enjoy running with others, but I'm equally happy when I'm out running on my own; I love the sense of isolation you get, and darkness just adds another dimension to that.
Shortly after though I was aware that I was losing sight of the stras ahead and the skys were darkening as a massive bank of cloud hurtled towards me. My last mile was run head on into a howling gale with sleet and snow whipping into my face..but the strange thing is that even that was fun.
40 minutes for just over 4.5 miles!

Oh... Talking about the importance of seeing your footing. I discovered a new "adventure sport" the other day. Based pretty much on running (trail running to be precise). But this involves hurtling quickly down a hill on a stoney path and approaching a cattle grid... just in time to look down to check your footing then discover you still have your bifocal distance/reading glasses on!!

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